Map of Sembawang Park and Sungei Simpang in Singapore

This area covers the northeastern part of Sembawang and includes the coastal beach (Sembawang Beach) with the Straits of Johor (Johore). At the left side of the map is Sembawang Park - a simple public park with some barbeque pits for public booking. Further to the left of Sembawang Park is Sembawang Wharves, run by the PSA Corporation.

From the centre of the map, a man-made canal cuts through in a south-easterly direction. There's a proper jogger's/walker's path here where it is possible to take a walk along the side of the canal.

Lower to the right of the map, is Sungei Simpang (meaning "river junction" in Malay) which is essentially an undeveloped nature area inaccessible by conventional vehicles. Further to the bottom-right of the map, is the northern edge of Pulau Seletar, a small islet.

Major roads in this area are Sembawang Road and Admiralty Road East.

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