Map of Clementi Road, Sunset Way, Clementi Crescent and Clementi Arcade in Singapore

This map shows the residential estate of Clementi / Sunset Way off the west of Clementi Road. The estate is a mix of HDB and private landed housing, apartments and condominiums.

The HDB flats are located in the lower-left quadrant (Clementi Avenue 4) and around the start of Sunset Way (near the junction with Clementi Road). Roads here are Clementi Street 12, 13, and 14.

Further in along Sunset Way are private housing as well as a retail hub clustered around shopping centre Clementi Arcade.

Across Clementi Road, from the Sunset Way estate is Clementi Crescent, a small cluster of landed houses. Further south along Clementi Road, is the junction with Ulu Pandan Road.

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