Map of Soo Chow Walk, Soo Chow Garden/Way, Taman Permata, Thomson Ridge, Jalan Keli and Shunfu Road/HDB Estate in Singapore

This is a mostly private residential area in the Upper Thomson suburb.

The left side of the map shows the private landed residential estate of Upper Thomson / Soo Chow and Taman Permata. The roads here are Jalan Pelatina, Thomson Ridge, Jalan Lembah Thomson, Soo Chow Walk, Soo Chow Way and Soo Chow Garden Road.

At the upper left corner of the map lies Thomson Plaza, a mid-sized surburban shopping mall.

On the right upper quadrant lies the mixed private/HDB residential/commercial estate of Sin Ming / Shunfu. The HDB blocks here are found mainly along Shun Fu Road and some along Sin Ming Road. Along the side road parallel to Upper Thomson Road are rows of shophouses housing food/coffee shops, eateries and convenience/sundry goods shops. Many roads seen around here have Malay names - Jalan Keli, Jalan Ikan Merah, Jalan Terubok, Jalan Minggu, Jalan Pintau, Jalan Hari Raya, Jalan Khamis, Jalan Rabu and Jalan Isnin.

The main trunk roads here are Upper Thomson Road and Marymount Road (partial, on the right).

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