Map of Pemimpin Place/Drive, Jalan Pemimpin, Jalan Binchang, Binchang Rise, Clover Way and Bishan Street 21 in Singapore

This area mainly (central and left) comprises landed private housing and some educational institutions and schools.

The roads of the private residential estate are Pemimpin Drive, Pemimpin Terrace, Pemimpin Place, Jalan Pemimpin, Jalan Berjaya, Jalan Insaf, Jalan Binchang, Binchang Rise, Binchang Walk, Clover Way, Clover Crescent and Clover Avenue. Schools (near the top of the map) are Catholic High School and Whitley Secondary School (partially shown).

In the right side of the map is the, mainly HDB, estate of Bishan. The Bishan MRT Station (NS17 of the North-South Line) is situated in the middle part of Bishan Road. Next to it is the Bishan Junction8 shopping mall and further right, circumscribed by Bishan Place and Bishan Street 13, is the Bishan Bus Interchange. Above Bishan Bus Interchange is a multi-storey 2-level public carpark. Other prominent landmarks/buildings here are the CPF building and the Bishan branch of the National Library.

In the upper right corner, along Bishan Street 14, is found the Bishan Swimming and Sports Complex which comprises a full-length Olympic and childrens' pools as well as a soccer stadium cum running track and other public sports facilities.

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