Map of Sommerville Road/Walk, Wolskel Road, Lynwood Grove, Woodleigh Park, Mackerrow Road and Braddell Road in Singapore

This map shows the private residential estate of Braddell/Woodleigh and surrounding areas near Lorong Chuan / Upper Serangoon Road / Braddell Road.

The roads found in the upper half of the map are Clifton Vale, Wolskel Road, Sommerville Road, Sommerville Walk, Muswell Hill, Matlock Rise, Mackerrow Road, Croucher Road, Daisy Avenue, Jalan Girang, Jalan Sukachita, Jalan Riang, Jalan Ria, Daisy Road, Lorong Selangat, Jalan Lateh, Lorong Biawak and Vaughan Road.

In the lower half of the map are Carmichael Road and Woodleigh Park estate which is laid with numerous homonymous roads.

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